• in Microsoft

    Microsoft Inspire 2021 – Unveiling Opportunities

    If you are a business owner who bets on Microsoft cloud and how it empowers customers to build transformative, resilient, and agile organizations you must read this blog through to the end....
  • in Windows 365

    Windows 365 – The latest Cloud PC Solution from Microsoft

    Recently we witnessed the latest annual gala event by Microsoft which was MS Inspire The Digital Event. This year being the year of many major announcements and launches, the major one was by Microsoft Executive Chairman and CEO Mr. Satya Nadella, announcing the debut of a new product, Windows 365....
  • in ERP Implementation

    Business Central – Best ERP Option for Automotive Industry

    We know that dealing with an industry like automotive, which has cutthroat competition on any day of the year and having to keep different vehicles, their alternatives, and related spare parts on stock is an expensive business....
  • in ERP Implementation

    Reasons to implement ERP in Healthcare Sector

    With the development of technology and increased competition in the industrial markets, Enterprise Resource Planning has gained avid acceptance in various industrial sectors....
  • in ERP Implementation

    How Manufacturing Pain-Points are Solved by ERP Integration

    If you are a manufacturer, you will be aware of the unique challenges you face right from making gathering material for your product till it is ready to be dispatched to the market. Without a proper manufacturing system or an updated ERP system, juggling these challenges can be very painful and time-consuming...
  • in Business Central

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Launches in India

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is launching in India, and we are super excited about it! Yes, the wait is over, and finally, Business Central will launch in April in the Indian Market....
  • in Work Culture

    Diversity and Inclusion at Workplace

    As my journey as a Founder and Director of Akkomplish continues, I feel obliged to share my unique experiences with my audience and clients. I got opportunities to travel to many countries and studied many cultures very closely. The diversity of people and culture intrigues me....
  • in Business Central

    Everything you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Dynamics 365 Business Central is a popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution by Microsoft which helps connect all dots of your business for you. It is a cloud-based system and gives its users the flexibility of seamless connection between the office and other mobile devices round the clock. This SaaS solution is hosted by Microsoft...
  • in Business Central

    How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central has changed the ERP world?

    Before we discuss the topic at hand let me explain what is ERP? ERP as we know is software used to integrate the various business processes of an organization which helps interpret data combining this information. Since its inception, ERPs are used to view the core business processes in common databases that it provides across...
  • in Business Central

    Business Central Functional Overview

    In this part of blog let me introduce a high level functional over view of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. As you are aware Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available in two flavors Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium, both flavors have certain common features New ...


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