Introduction of the Inspire event and launch of Window 365

Recently we witnessed the latest annual gala event by Microsoft which was MS Inspire The Digital Event. This year being the year of many major announcements and launches, the major one was by Microsoft Executive Chairman and CEO Mr. Satya Nadella, announcing the debut of a new product, Windows 365.

This launch steered the world in an era of hybrid Windows for a hybrid world. The desktop is one of the most significant components of any IT design, and it has the maximum impact on the user. It is the portal to the cloud, as well as a window to the world during the COVID 19 pandemic. It allowed remote workers to communicate, collaborate, and be more productive.

The desktop, on the other hand, has been the slowest piece of IT architecture to benefit from the Cloud's capability. We depended on primitive on-premises infrastructure to strongly connect to and manage devices, partially due to the obvious dependence on physical equipment.

This was changing in recent years, as Microsoft released the cloud-operated Modern Desktop and transformed the virtual desktop services with products such as Azure Virtual Desktop. Windows 11, the latest OS for hybrid work, is now released and with the launch of Windows 365, Microsoft completes its cloud-managed device offering.

Our Interest in Windows 365

Akkomplish Group has been one of the leading business solution providers since 2015 and has worked closely with Microsoft on various fast-paced, cloud-integrated products.

Windows 365 expands Microsoft's virtual desktop capabilities for commercial and technological options and adds a SaaS component to the cloud desktop services.

Windows 365 - The Features and Benefits

Apart from the AVD technology platform, Windows 365 completes the cloud line-up by delivering Cloud PCs that include automated device provisioning and monthly per-user invoicing as SaaS solutions.

  • Provision of devices is fast, with the proper controls, could be self-service for the clients.
  • Although management effort is reduced control over the operating system, security, and application estate is still available through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which is also where physical devices are managed.
  • Cloud PCs are available on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.
  • Customers will be able to choose among Windows 10 and Windows 11 when it launches later in 2021.
  • Expenses are known and invoiced per user, on monthly basis depending on the device's features. All this at a price that is competitive with other public cloud desktop solutions.
  • Windows 365 will be presented in a variety of compute and storage configurations for a reasonable per-user monthly fee, with more configurable SKUs to be available in the future as per expectations.

License Allocation with Windows 365

With Windows 365, licenses are assigned, and new virtual devices are created, using Microsoft Endpoint Manager. At launch, Windows 365 will offer one, two, four, or eight virtual CPUs per Cloud PC, as well as a range of storage solutions.

A user can make provision of a new device from within a portal, similar to unboxing modern physical equipment. The desktop will then be dedicated to them and will be available through a browser or the Windows RDP client.

We are expecting better flexibility, as the service and related competencies across the Microsoft stack develop. This included the self-service option to change the specification of the virtual machine to support activity surges that need more power without increasing costs.

Windows 365 signifies vital new development for Microsoft and at Akkomplish, we are excited to help our existing and new clients to understand how they can leverage this new service to its best and to evaluate how it fits technically and commercially within the array of virtual desktop solutions accessible.


Although our specialty lies with the migration and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for leveraging your business processes to their best capabilities, we always wish to stay at par with all the latest products and services from Microsoft.

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