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about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

In our series of blogs we are sharing our experience working on Business Central since last April when it was launched. Our team has long standing experience on Microsoft Dynamics NAV , C/AL and is early adopter of AL and extensions.

Here is the list of our blog covering various aspect of Business Central

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  2. Business central licensing
  3. Business Central functional overview
  4. Introduction –  how to customize Business Central (Coming soon)
  5. Introduction to AL (Coming soon)
  6. Introduction to Visual Studio Code for Business Central extension (Coming soon)
  7. How to develop extension using AL (Coming soon)
  8. How to deploy and upgrade extension using AL and PowerShell (Coming soon)
  9. How to customize Role Center using in client customization (Coming soon)
  10. How to customize Role Center using extensions (Coming soon)
  11. Integration –  PowerBI with Business Central (Coming soon)
  12. Integration  – PowerApps with Business Central (Coming soon)
  13. Integration – Microsoft flow with Business Central (Coming soon)
  14. Developing connected apps with Business Central API (Coming soon)

As we are seeing lot of projects now with Business Central and we have been little behind schedule for new blog, I will try to catch up with more during first week of August 2018

Leave your suggestions and content request in comments and I will try to deliver it asap.

and many more topics coming soon….

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