Business Intelligence

Business intelligence, also known as BI, plays a critical role in the strategic planning phase of organizations and is used for various purposes, such as measuring the performance progress of business goals, identifying customer insights, quantitative analysis, and reporting and data sharing.

BI uses computing technologies to discover and analyze identified business data to provide current predictive data analysis.

BI uses tools, software, and services to transform business data into actionable insights that become a useful tool for the organization’s strategic planning team in making decisions.

To utilize BI and raw business data to drive increased revenue, you require BI tools. These tools analyze data sets and present the analytical findings as reports, graphs, dashboards, charts, and maps.

One Utility for all Businesses through Business Intelligence

Customer Overview

BI integrates data from multiple sources to gain a complete overview of the customers.

Improves Operational Efficiency

As markets are saturated, BI guides owners to invest money in the right resources.

BI is Revenue Driven

Define a strategy to drive revenue for your business and get key insights to end-user.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

BI has secondary data sources, social signals, trends, etc., for a competitive edge.

Detect Business Problems

BI apps integrate with your software; find trends to gain insights into your work.

Improves Decision-making

Business intelligence optimizes internal processes by increasing operational efficiency.

Business Intelligence Systems and Tools

Business intelligence tools are data-driven decision support systems. It can be used interchangeably with report and query tools, briefing books, and executive information systems. With these tools, you can analyze data rather than wait for IT. It helps users back up business decisions with actual numbers rather than guesswork and hunches.

Software Tools Optimize BI

Business intelligence software systems provide current and predictive views of business operations, using data gathered into a data mart or a data warehouse working from operational data. You may gather other company information of the same industry, also known as benchmarking. It helps in business performance management. 

Optimized Operations

The internet is overcrowded with content, and everything is easily accessible. There is information and products overload with all companies offering solutions. BI guides entrepreneurs concerning investing in the right resources and infrastructure. With a proper understanding of market trends, it proposes new business methods. 

Spotting and Solving Business Problems

Analyze the balance sheet to gain insights into the actual scenario of the organization. BI applications can integrate with accounting software to find trends that otherwise are hidden from executives. It just does not track KPIs but also includes forecasting bottlenecks and decisions like purchasing or hiring. 

Self-Service Business Intelligence

Also known as SSBI, this new trend in BI is where software and tools are made simpler and comprehensive. The purpose is the make business intelligence accessible to all, including people with no technical/statistical knowledge. It simplifies current systems and processes to deliver insights that are direct and actionable.

Get Specialized Help

With the progress of SSBI, the market reach of BI will evolve drastically, leading to an increase in the number of businesses using this technology. BI informs about the present scenario and past activities. Experts of the field can make sense out of all these insights and use them to the maximum benefit of your business enterprise. 


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Solutions we offer

Microsoft Power BI

Turn your data into an opportunity by using Microsoft Power BI tools. Integrate your system and data to build analytics and visual representation and analyze enterprise data for insights.

Smart analytics

Combine your business data with machine learning and EDA to build real-time smart analytics. Get real-time insight with predictive analysis and machine-aided decision-making.

Cognitive service with BI

Turn your unstructured data like text, images, and videos into sentiment information, data categorization, and features and combine it with Microsoft PowerBI to build rich analytics.


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