The alliance of two or more Microsoft Partners with defined terms and for seamless customer service and mutually beneficial business developments can be described as a Microsoft partner-to-partner (P2P) affiliation. This affiliation can range from exploring new markets to expanding the customer base or providing outstanding offers to customers.

Digital Transformation is the foremost priority for business executives in today's times. And Microsoft has an extensive network of partners specializing in state-of-the-art technologies and a panorama of industries [1]. The right P2P relationship can bring unlimited opportunities and scalability in offering end-to-end digital transformation to customers.

In this blog, we will cover how the Microsoft partner-to-partner alliance works and its benefits to Microsoft partners and customers:

How Does The Microsoft P2P Syndicate Work?

In 2015, Microsoft launched the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) model [2], which involves direct CSP distributors and indirect CSP resellers. CSPs sell cloud-based licenses and subscriptions (including Dynamics 365, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Azure, etc.) on behalf of Microsoft.

Direct CSPs manage the cloud customer lifecycle besides selling the licenses directly. However, Indirect CSPs manage that through Microsoft Partners. Indirect partners are the backbone of this model as they have core services to offer to customers in a niche market.

Direct CSPs and Indirect CSPs

However, Microsoft has an extensive product ecosystem and an accelerating pace of innovation; specialization is a key for Microsoft partners to give quality services as a business. On the flip side, partners now need to extend their expertise to other partners to help each other and offer the best customer experience.

That is where the partner-to-partner (P2P) relationship comes in and demonstrates invaluable. Together partners can set up an appropriate structure for cloud solutions as the customer needs while hosting other benefits.

The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) is a professional association of Microsoft partners [3]. IAMCP members are dedicated to supporting partners in the Microsoft ecosystem around the globe to broaden the opportunities. The organization aims to gird Microsoft partner-to-partner relationships through community meet-ups, outreach, education, and member advocacy.

Benefits of Microsoft P2P Affiliations to Microsoft Partners

Indulging in the Microsoft P2P Alliance may benefit you as a Microsoft partner in the following ways:

  • It scales up your competence to respond to new project opportunities as you can connect with the right partner at the right time to provide the appropriate technical skillset that the project demands.
  • You can unlock new market potential as a joint operation, and a connected story can reach a wider audience.
  • A highly connected partner network may give you competitive advantages of reduced time in providing the solution.
  • By collaborating with other partners, you can reduce the sales costs and increase the revenue.
  • P2P alliance gives you support to extend your expertise in different industries and niches.
  • It creates an opportunity to build customer loyalty and reach new customers through a creative marketing strategy that can include input from the customers.
  • Besides business, a P2P alliance can bring cultural collaboration between partners, which helps in new market expansion.

We do not believe in Competition; we believe in Collaboration - Akkomplish!

AKKOMPLISH is the global Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation and Consulting Service provider. Member of the IAMCP community, Akkomplish believes in supporting other Microsoft partners and collaborating with them for an enhanced customer experience.

From Implementation to customization, Integration, Migration, or Support & Training, Akkomplish plays a key role in accomplishing the cloud customer lifecycle of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With experience thousands of successful client deliveries for over 30 years, Team Akkomplish can support partners all the way from conceptualization to delivery and management of client centric solutions though collaborative innovation.

In the end, building customer loyalty is a primary intention of the partner-to-partner alliance. But to implement it effectively, we must strategically define the business goals to make them mutually beneficial. Because together as a team, we can always achieve more!

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