Inspire Introduction

Microsoft Inspire is one of the biggest, monumental annual partner events. It is the most exciting time of the year for partners globally to explore new opportunities and connections through the event. Inspire 2022 brought some big announcements and surprises for the partner ecosystem. Here is a summary of the entire event, along with crucial updates that you don’t want to miss.  

Inspire is organized to celebrate the work of partners and recognize the impact they create across business and industry. Microsoft has more than 400,000 partners who have 22 million people employed globally.   

Some of the changes introduced this year to allow partners to build on their success and major themes addressed this year were:  

  • Drive development and profitability through partner-focused platforms.
  • Power innovations through modernization and migration. 
  • Help customers streamline their security across platforms.
  • Deliver the digital imperative in the hybrid work environment. 

Some of the major highlights of this yearly extravaganza are as follows:

Dynamic Opportunities for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Microsoft says the demand for cloud solutions will exceed $1 trillion by 2025. It means software providers are the most valuable links to support mutual customers. At Inspire 2022, Microsoft unlocked some fresh opportunities for partners in the form of new programs, benefits, and resources to help them meet customer requirements, maintain cost-effectiveness and innovate faster, go to market and grow a flourishing business.

New benefits announced with the ISV Success Program, help ISVs innovate quicker, build seamlessly architected applications, and publish them to the commercial marketplace to grow sales. Currently, in private preview, approximately available in fall 2022, the program intends to be the pathway to ISV success in the MCPP (Microsoft Cloud Partner Program).

Software providers can access developer tooling, cloud sandboxes, technical and business resources, and a dedicated community. These benefits, combined with Microsoft’s 3% marketplace transaction fees, allow ISVs to thrive on the Microsoft Cloud.

Leveraging Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty

Digital transformation is gaining quick acceleration in governments around the world, creating opportunities for social and economic growth while supporting all legal regulations of their citizenry. To meet this need, Microsoft announced Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, specifically designed for the government sector.

It gives leverage to a new solution enabling public sector customers to digitally transform workloads in the Microsoft Cloud. It helps meet compliance, security, and policy requirements all at once. Public sector customers will harness the power of the cloud while having better control over data, residency, and transparency of its operational and governance processes.

Updated Azure Space Partner Community

The next paradigm for cloud computing combines the strength of the cloud with the potential of space. Satellites and other space technology are used by businesses from a wide range of industries to provide connectivity anywhere and to gain new insights from space data.

Microsoft introduces the Azure Space Partner Community to support the growing ecosystem of space partners and to empower partners to provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge service for shared customers and the future of space computing. Space operators, manufacturers, systems integrators, data suppliers, ISVs, and startups are part of this distinguished ecosystem of partners.

Prioritizing Hybrid Work Success

Hybrid is the latest and most in-demand trend, organizations struggle to balance employee demands with flexibility for business requirements. Microsoft collaborated with its partners this year to help clients understand the latest patterns of work for the future. It requires enabling hybrid work through a collaborative approach with inbuilt experiences into the flow of work and providing a digital employee experience.

There are new capabilities available in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams that allow people to contribute from where and when they are working. Excel Live allows people to work collaboratively on workbooks within the Teams meeting window. These collaborative annotations will let users draw, type, or react to shared meeting content through Microsoft Whiteboard.

Microsoft Viva uses various tools to increase productivity and collaboration at work. Viva Engage app will help businesses build a community while providing employees with personal expression tools, like creating and sharing video posts through the new Stories feature.

Windows 365 - The First Anniversary

Launched last year, Windows 365 marked its first anniversary this year. During the past year, the product evolved through new features such as point-in-time restore and Autopatch to match the modern workplace needs. Microsoft continues to invest in assisting its partners to grow their business, serve customers, and align seamlessly with the cloud transformation across industries.

Our Take

Akkomplish Consulting closely follows the trends and guidelines set by Microsoft. We openly embrace the concepts and technologies introduced for all partners. Our products and solutions fetch us recognition and we plan to ace our business module around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and AI solutions in the coming year.


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