We offer a wide range of cognitive solutions and services around Natural language processing (NLP), Image processing & Computer Vision.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)
We use sophisticated statistical techniques to identify the part of speech (POS), sentiment and entities, and other important features of textual data with NLP. We help you establish high accuracy unsupervised learning models to automate feature extraction and sentiment analysis to aid business process automation.

Image Processing & Computer Vision
With the help of most modern deep learning practices using industry-leading practices and solutions, we offer a wide range of image recognition and object detection to provide real-time analytics of image and video feeds. We offer an intelligent solution to optimize your production environment, scale your operations and enhance productivity.

Enhance user experience with chatbots for your business. Automate your business processing by leveraging your existing data and our NLP solution to turn a text/voice interaction into action.

Cognitive Technology Live in Action

Human-Centered App Development

Instills AI into applications to break communication barriers and enhance productivity.

Bringing Data to Life

Utilize AI and ML to decipher data and gain useful insights from untapped sources.

AI Enhanced Search

Add robust search capabilities with smart filters and suggestion-based queries.

Recognizing Images

Recognize a variety of visual content and categorize its subject matter smartly.

Translate Feature

Extend your international reach with speech to text and on-the-fly translation features.

Digital Assistant

Enhanced experience to get preferred content or turn speech/text commands into action.

Decision Making

Make smart and fast decisions. Anomaly Detector is an AI service that helps foresee problems before they occur and lets you craft a solution in advance so that you avoid the problem entirely. With a content moderator, you can detect offensive and unwanted content. Also, it lets you create personalized experiences for every user.

Extracting Meaning from Unstructured Text

Help readers comprehend text using audio and visual cues. Gain language understanding by building natural language understanding into bots, apps, and IoT devices. Assist in creating a conversational Q&A layer over data; aid text analytics by detecting sentiments, key phrases, and named entities. Can detect and translate over 60 languages.

Various Speech Based Features

Wish to integrate speech processing into apps and services? Transcribe audible speech into readable, searchable text just with a click of a button. Likewise, convert text to real-life speech for natural interfaces. Easily integrate speech translation into apps and machines. Also, identify people speaking based on the audio files.

Computer Vision

It assists in identifying and analyzing content within videos, images, and other digital formats. Cognitive services analyze content in images, custom the vision, and image recognition to match your business requirement. Detect and identify people and emotions in images and extract text from documents. It aids digital ink and handwriting recognition.

Other Features

Avail lots of other useful features like spell check to identify and fix word breaks, homonyms, slang, names, and brands. Add advanced video search features to the app or enable users to search using images. Get ad-free, location-aware search for users, which surfaced relevant information from web results.

Web Searches

The autosuggest feature helps users to complete queries by adding intelligent type-ahead capabilities. Let you create a custom search engine with ad-free results. Want to recognize named entities and find search results based on them or add a variety of search image options to the app? You can turn any app into a news search resource.


We provide you with a collective platform of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you do just that and build intelligent apps.

Our offerings

Customer Segmentation

Image/Video Analysis and categorization

Entity detection

Taxonomy creation

Speech analysis

Recommendation engine

Sales analysis

Supply chain optimization

Online presence and social media analysis

Payment behavior forecast


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