Introduction to the use of ERP in automotive industry

We know that dealing with an industry like automotive, which has cutthroat competition on any day of the year and having to keep different vehicles, their alternatives, and related spare parts on stock is an expensive business.

The only practical way of dealing with this problem is to optimize your supply chain and inventory management systems and earn revenues through extraordinary customer services.

That is where an Enterprise Resource Planning system can assist you.

So, who all can use an Automotive ERP? 

ERPs are used in the following areas:

  • Vehicle Importers and dealers
  • Car importers and dealers
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Spare parts dealers
  • Rent-a-car shops
  • Repair shops

If you want to adopt top-notch, industry-specific ERP solutions for your automotive companies, you need Dynamics 365 Business Central. It provides focused attention on industry-specific vertical segments for each department. 

Challenges Tackled by Automotive ERP: 

  • Detailed Client History
  • Price Configurators
  • Enhanced Communication with Suppliers
  • Improved Supply Chain Management
  • Automated Data Consolidation
  • Multi-brand Assistance
  • Product Tracking
  • Crystal Clear Service Procedure 
  • Enormous Integration capabilities with barcode readers, printers, mobiles, e-commerce sites, etc.
  • Analyses on various KPIs

Top reason why your automotive business needs Business Central as your ERP software :

Why is Dynamics 365 Business Central the best choice for the Automotive Industry?

Choosing an ERP for an automotive company is a critical decision. These companies need much more than the integration of processes. They expect higher levels of standardization from an ERP because such standards and business processes around EDI make an integral part of these systems, just as the integration of logistics service providers (LSPs) and specific custom processes utilized by the key automotive manufacturers. 

So, when a company wants to offer high-quality services internationally, they should choose Dynamics 365 Business Central and use it as the primary tool for dealing with after-sales services and operations for distributors who provide services to forklift customers globally. 

Business Central is the best-suited option for the automotive industry as it helps improve operational management accuracy by shifting to a paperless process. It also helps reduce manual work by visualizing business KPIs in a digital format and crafting a framework to boost their strengths.

Customer Satisfaction

Only the best and most advanced ERP solutions fit this ever-growing automotive industry because global vehicle production keeps increasing at lightning speed. The demand for autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles also keeps growing. There is a keen focus on customer satisfaction as quality-related issues can negatively influence the OEMs brand.

Business Central relieves the supply chain from the increased pressure of transformation that the organization maintains profitability while providing quality products and on-time delivery.

Extended ERP Features exclusive to Business Central

If you are new to the concept of ERPs you may approach any top business solutions providing company that will offer the best suited ERP solutions with features customized for the automobile industry.

To know more on how ERPs can solve all your manufacturing pain points read our blog How Manufacturing Pain-Points are solved by ERP Integration

  • With Business Central, you can move to the cloud faster by adopting fresh business models with flexible deployment, security, and an adaptable fast-growing solution.
  • Superior quality control management, conveniences tracking of products, and customer service quality in real-time are key benefits of Business Central. It also helps detect problems and correct them promptly, ensuring high-quality standards of the automobile industry and customer relations are met.
  • Utilize the best inventory management tools that aid coping with relevant operations giving a platform for efficient inventory planning.
  • Facilitates production planning and control optimizing the supply chain, managing research and development, and improving visibility across production operation. 
  • With a hands-on finance management system in place with Business Central as your ERP, your financial and accounting data gets streamlined and readily available to be managed effectively.
  • It also offers top-class service management for after-sales support to clients to take care of their demands and requirements and providing timely service.
  • Order management systems offer visibility to customer orders and allow analyzing purchase history
  • Enhanced sales and marketing activities can be scheduled and executed to improve sales charts.
  • Additionally, it provides automobile maintenance and integration with communication channels.

Increase Overall Productivity Exponentially

Since its launch in 2018, Business Central has been sold like hot cake because it is a Microsoft product and operationally efficient. The various functions required in an automotive organization require time and money, which is saved by avoiding repetitive manual tasks. By choosing a well-suited ERP, you ensure that each resource and operation is used justifiably with maximum efficiency.

Comprehensive Analysis

Analyzing data by dimensions gives you better insight into your business, so you can evaluate information such as how well your business is operating, where it is flourishing better, and where resources need allocation.

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps various departments to generate a multitude of reports from income reports, expense statements, etc. That, in return, helps the automotive organization to take informed actions when needed.

Final Thoughts

A digitally-driven world demands all industries to keep up and match up with its pace. So if you can't beat them, join them! The best way to cope up is to become technologically advanced and embrace the latest advancements.

Cloud-based ERPs have the technological advancement which is required for the automotive sector to solve its pain points. Which better solution can you find than choosing the best ERP from the most trusted company like Microsoft?

Contact your business solutions provider immediately to know how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be the best fit for your automotive business.

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