If you are a manufacturer, you will be aware of the unique challenges you face right from gathering material for your product till it is ready to be dispatched to the market. Without a proper manufacturing system or an updated ERP system, juggling these challenges can be very painful and time-consuming. To satisfy the end customer, no matter what service or product you are manufacturing, the product has to be the best in the market, error-free, and always ready to be delivered on time. So even when you are an SME or a Micro SME you need to ensure you have all processes under control for smooth operations.

Is this always possible, without fail?

Not if you do not have an integrated solution that enables visibility of the production process in real-time. As a manufacturer who wants to be abreast with market trends, you need to be aware of all new technologies that help integrate all business processes. In this blog, we will discuss some common pain points which are encountered by all manufacturers, and we will suggest a comprehensive solution to tackle them.

Inventory Control

For any manufacturing unit, inventory is crucial to run the business smoothly. The right balance of stock in the warehouses is an essential factor. If supply chain management is not effective, it can lead to profit losses or overstocking. This task is difficult manually, especially if the manufacturing unit is huge. It becomes time-consuming to upload accurate data in real-time.

These glitches eventually lead to over-purchase or shortage in inventory, causing delays leading to dissatisfied customers. The latest software that automates these mishaps can be the only answer to these problems. If your unit is small and you are at an initial stage of growing you still need things to be streamlined and automated because you do not want more staff for manual entries.

ERPs for SMEs and Micro SMEs are now just a call away and available at surprisingly low costs. Integration with the latest ERP will save you multiple costs of buying separate tools for accounting, sales management or HR.

Effective Sales Forecasting

Another driving factor for any manufacturing unit is the efficiency of accurate sales forecasting. Lack of market insight and the proper tools will elevate the chances of shortages at the time of delivery. Sales and production teams need to go hand in hand when the ultimate goal is to deliver a quality product on time. Insufficient raw material hampers the production and eventually the timely delivery of the same.

Inaccuracies in scheduling are another pain point with manufacturing that can be solved with the latest ERPs like Dynamics 365 Business Central in place. When each order is crucial to your business, you just cannot loss them due to the non-availability of stock.

For an overview of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Visit:

Be Globally Competitive in the Marketplace

In the digital era, global competitiveness has increased faster than our imagination. You need not be a multi-million manufacturing unit to compete with your global counterparts. Even SMEs are competing globally and gaining recognition in their field.
How are they doing it? What is it that they have, and you don’t?

Well, it can be a matter of a well thought and futuristic resource like the latest cloud-based ERP system that makes managing the entire business a piece of cake!

Awareness of market costs and tactically planning all factors help in cost-cutting. ERPs make predictive analysis and make purchasing methodology easy for you. With efficient manufacturing ERP software solutions like Business Central, purchase planning can be efficient and smart.

How do ERP’s Aid at Each Step of Manufacturing?

Provide the latest tools to your manufacturing team and see the miracles happen. The above-mentioned pain-points could be resolved with the use of correct software that manages the quote to delivery procedure along with precise forecasting that may lead to exact MRPs and stock levels.

What years of experience cannot achieve can be easily attained with the help of correct tools. Investing in an ERP system can be a huge investment, but it will change your workplace and make it more efficient and information-rich. In the long run, ERPs such as Dynamics 365 Business Central help to lower costs, as stock is maintained as per exact requirements.

Increase customer satisfaction through sales predictions and insights regarding the movement of stock as a traceability trail is available.

Some areas that directly benefit from ERP implementation are:

1. Real-Time Solutions

ERP manufacturing software automates entire business operation while providing real-time information. It increases productivity and efficiency by assisting users navigate complex processes, and preventing data re-entry. This improves production, order completion and delivery.

2. Reduce Cost

Investing in one comprehensive ERP software reduces administrative and operations costs. Manufacturers can manage operations proactively and prevent information logjams.

3. Flexibility

The latest ERP software like Business Central are robust, flexible and configurable. They are not generalist software but can be tailored to your unique business requirements. ERPs have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of any business. There are manufacturing ERP Software and Industrial ERP Software which are suitable for SMEs.

Contact your business solutions provider to get a variety of manufacturing process like production, planning, material control, delivery etc integrated with one consolidated business solutions.


ERP system solutions, when integrated with manufacturing stages, provide client-based business insights that increase sales and gain the trust and loyalty of customers.

Invest in a comprehensive business management solution and ensure business stability with a cloud-based solution that helps connect sales, service, inventory, finance, and operations teams to help them acclimate faster and deliver results.

Microsoft has recently launched Business Central in India at affordable prices. Check out the pricing and the best suited license options for your enterprise at the below link.

Business Central Pricing in India


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