Introduction to Digital Transformation

“Digital Transformation” is defined as the process of using digital technologies to meet evolving business and market needs. It is a powerful tool that empowers businesses to rethink how they shape their business processes for innovation.

The last two years of the pandemic have seen huge breakthroughs for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and other Power Platforms. Companies across industries around the world are stepping up for a digital transformation with the help of technology.

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps SMBs get there faster, by breaking the barriers. It helps adapt to a fast-paced evolving environment and innovates across your business.

Why Digital Transformation?

In the digital era, organizations are agile and evolve to realize their full potential. But looking closely, we realize that it is not the organization that rises to challenges, but its people do.

Digital transformation in a business happens when you start investing in the people who bring Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform to life for your customers.

With huge companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple going 100% remote, more people are working remotely, making Digital Transformation services the need of the hour.

To survive uncertain times, SMBs should adopt digitalization through established ERP systems. Some problems faced by the MSMEs in terms of unconnected ERP systems are slow manual processes, siloed information, lack of productivity, inability to handle increased transactions & inventory, lack of data protection, etc.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ERP solution that becomes a game-changer for these enterprises and helps them overcome such challenges and efficiently manage their entire business structure. In this blog, we explain why SMBs must use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for their Digital Transformation needs.

Top reasons to use MS Dynamics 365 Business Central for your Digital Transformation Journey

Benefits of Enterprise System

Microsoft Digital Transformation with Ease of Configuration

A huge misperception among SMBs is that digital technology is complex. Dynamics 365 Business Central is not only easy to use but is implemented with utmost ease.

Depending on the business, it gets deployed in the cloud or on-premises. It is not device-specific and hence can be used on all devices without any difference in the user experience.

MSD365BC understands the working environment of the enterprise and provides customized, or what we call easily tailored, and extendable solutions specifically designed to suit individual requirements.

Enterprise digital transformation through ERPs addresses local regulatory and market requirements to smoothen the ease of doing business as GST (Goods & Services Tax).

Structured Business Management through Digital Transformation

For any business, their digital transformation strategy would be to integrate different modules such as Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, Customer service, etc. on a single platform.

Dynamics 365 Business Central does just that by providing businesses with an Integrated Business Platform. An integrated database understands and reviews business performances and realigns strategies whenever needed.

It helps remove organizational barriers, by bringing transparency and permits them to carry out their business without silos.

How Can you Unleash Productivity with Business Central? 

If you want overall growth for your enterprise and gear it towards holistic digitalization, then Dynamics 365 Business Central will help you attain that goal. It promotes comprehensive growth by providing companies with automated workflows and tasks.

It encourages a seamless integration of MS Office 365 and simplifies their business processes. It facilitates accessible Power BI Charts that have real-time dashboards and KPIs. It helps improve overall productivity and efficiency.

Digital Transformation Through Systematic Financial Management 

Your ERP digital transformation is successful when A-I-driven analytics by Business Central gives you better control of your financial data. Keep all confidential details like sales profitability, inventory value, net income, and cash centralized. 

Manage data sources and monitor financial performances prudently. MSDYN365BC offers in-depth insights on topics like late payments etc. It accelerates financial closing and reporting. Thus, increasing financial visibility. It supports profitable financial decisions for the enterprise.

Optimizes your Supply Chain and Warehouse Operations

Business Central automates warehouse operations and facilitates seamless management of multiple warehouses. It allows SMBs to receive inventory into their warehouse with barcode scanners. It reduces the time to process an order and receive deliveries.

It also enables them to track the movement of each inventory item by using system-directed receipts, put-away, picks & shipments. Supports the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) interface that optimizes the supply chain through automated orders. Be sure that your orders are received automatically and passed directly to the warehouse to meet delivery deadlines.

MSDYN365BC uses real-time freight monitoring, transportation planning, and route management to improve the dispatching process. Experience a simplified procurement process while negotiating for the best price.

Enterprise Digital Transformation with Effective Inventory Management

With an integrated database and automated work processes, you may get instant access to inventory-related data. Business Central gives them information about changing client demands and capacity constraints, which helps companies avoid overstocking and stock-outs.

Thanks to sophisticated cloud insights on sales predictions and expected stock-outs, they may renew their stock based on demand and availability.

Risk Reduction by Ensuring Long Term Sustainability

Dynamics Business Central mitigates risks and contributes to the long-term sustainability of SMBs. Intelligent Cloud Insights, AI-powered insights, Business Intelligence charts, etc. help enterprises with real-time insights. This helps in identifying trends immediately and hence, spending less time searching for them. They can dedicate this time to proactive actionable analysis.

Expansion Across Geographies

Using Business Central, SMBs are digitally transformed to have the freedom to expand their business operations without facing geographical boundaries. They get support with localized tax regulations, exchange rates, foreign currencies, and more.

All in all, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers businesses in the era of “Digital Transformation” by increasing efficiency levels, creating market options, and contributing to business growth. SMEs can now understand their customers holistically and improve client services.

Create personalized experiences for clients and build credibility in the market. Boost sales and gain customer loyalty all at the same time.

If you are into buying, selling, or trading goods or have a manufacturing unit, ERPs are here to help you upgrade business processes and attain your digital transformation goals. You will be surprised to know how manufacturing sector pain points are addressed by Business Central.

Empower Employees Through Enterprise Digital Transformation 

This is the most impressive part of the digital transformation journey of any company. When you have the knowledge and resources to transform, it will only be appropriate to invest less time in tasks that can be automated, and divert employee skills to innovations.

Each employee has a unique skill set to help drive your digital transformation campaign. Some may be more comfortable than others with technology. But digital transformation is not only about technology.

It's all about automating procedures and leveraging human knowledge and creativity to address the business's ever-changing challenges. This could be everything from new product development to spearheading communication improvements with clients, vendors, coworkers, or the public.


Investing in the digital transformation strategy of your SMB through Dynamics 365 Business Central is the best decision you can make today and leverages the power of AI and automation.

Save time, money, and resources and divert them to more productive tasks. Contact your technology partner to help you understand how the digitalization of processes will improve employee experiences and get the best out of their working time.

Empower each team member to contribute to the digital transformation of your enterprise. Contact us to know more about how Business Central enables digital transformation with ease.


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