The Stranger at the Cafe

Story By: Founder/Director

On a bright and shiny day somewhere in Mexico I was sitting in a café waiting for my coffee. I love observing people around me whenever I am alone and to myself. While wandering my gaze through the crowd, I caught a glimpse of a hefty man sitting next to my table. He was struggling with a cord to connect with the socket at the bottom. I noticed he was not able to bend down to reach the plug. I instantaneously helped him with it. He smiled and thanked me for the kind gesture. We started talking and got to know each other a bit. He was excited to meet an Indian who was also into IT and knew a lot about the local culture.

We exchanged numbers and departed on a friendly note. A few months after that incident, I received a call from the same person asking if I would like to collaborate on a venture he had on hand. We discussed briefly and the project started within a short time. My simple act of kindness touched that person and made him connect with me through trust.

Moral: Help unintentionally

The Wrong Number

Story By: Founder/Director

Opportunities knock at your door in the weirdest of ways. You need to identify and grab them at the right time. One such instance occurred recently when I was driving from work to home. I received a call wherein someone had Googled my name last name and found some manufacturing services registered there.

They had called to ask if I was working in the sector. I politely explained that this was a case of mistaken identity and that I was in the IT sector. Assuming that the caller would hang up with this information, I was about to cut the call, when he asked what exactly I did.

Amused by his query, I went on to explain that we mainly dealt with ERP implementations for MSMEs. He got interested and asked a few more questions. I replied to all of them in a satisfactory manner. By the end of the call, the man who was in an influential position in his niche assured me that he would definitely get back to me if they had any such requirements in the future.

Moral: Opportunities come in disguise. Grab them.

The Happy Client 

Story By: Content Writer

Writing content for web pages is something I enjoy even more than writing blogs. Writing web pages means bringing an industry-specific focus and understanding to a writer’s work. While working for one such client, a seasoned naturopath in vegan diet techniques, we realized that she had limited digital knowledge.

She could narrate her basic requirements and we did our best to implement them on her website. Throughout the process we as a team supported her and provided changes to the contents and images as per her requirements. By the end of the project, she was contented with the outputs and thanked us for the extra efforts and support in making her understand the technicalities of using each feature and payment option that we provided on the site. It took us a few extra calls and a little patience to give her the best client experience and value.

Moral: Support Consistently

An Acquaintance Turned Advocate

Story By: Web Developer

As a web developer, I answer many client queries in a day. I actually enjoy resolving any issues related to website development as I enjoy my work as a web developer.

It was therefore not surprising that one of my acquaintances gave me a call one day to get my views on the problem related to “Google merchant” which they were facing at work with their client.

I was busy with one of my project deliveries, but sensing the urgency in his voice, I decided to spend five minutes to clear his doubts. He asked several questions, and after almost forty-five minutes, he was satisfied, and all his doubts were cleared.

He said that he could now make a good impression on his client with this knowledge. He thanked me for the help and hung up. I got busy with my tasks as I had a deadline to meet and forgot about the incident.

From that day on, he became the biggest advocate of Akkomplish and all its employees as he realized we put people first when it came to going out of the way to help put.

Moral: Time invested in helping is time rightly invested

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