Ankit Parashar

Founder and Director Akkomplish Group

As my journey as a Founder and Director of Akkomplish continues, I feel obliged to share my unique experiences with my audience and clients. I got opportunities to travel to many countries and studied many cultures very closely. The diversity of people and culture intrigues me.

The very foundation of Akkomplish was laid on a multicultural background and since then, there has been no looking back. Ever since I got involved with the concept of D&I on a global platform, I started studying the concept further and thought that it needed more exposure in our society.

It is of utmost necessity for the corporate world to understand and accept the importance of Diversity and Inclusion.

Work Culture at Akkomplish

What is "Diversity and Inclusion"?

Including everyone with varied political beliefs, culture, race, sexual orientation, religion, class, and/or gender identity differences and making them feel valued, treated fairly, respected, and embedded in the work culture is an ideal example of diversity and inclusion in a workplace.

How we have incorporated D&I at Akkomplish

At Akkomplish, we strongly believe in a Diverse and inclusive culture. Be it our strong ties with our Mexican partners, our diversified clients and enthusiastic partners from the USA, or our multi-cultural and talented mentors in Denmark. Our inclusive policies encourage us to take everyone together on our path of professional excellence.
We understand the interlinked dimensions of change essential to make sustainable progress on gender equality and women’s empowerment. We have a women-empowered team in India as proof of this. Not judging employees by their resumes, we have chosen the best talents awaiting the right opportunity to come their way.
I believe, that bringing a diverse team with different cultures, races, and ethnicities together and going the extra mile to make them feel valued and equal at all fronts greatly benefits the business in the long run.
This policy pays off in the form of a trustworthy, dedicated, and hard-working set of employees and ensures a bright future for your business and enterprise brand.

Benefits of incorporating Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Many organizations witness huge benefits in the form of improved business results, decision-making, and expanded talent pool when D&I gets incorporated into their system.
While we will discuss these benefits at length in our upcoming blog series, I would like to mention that it increases employee involvement and integrity for the company.
It is a fact that gender-diverse teams are better decision-makers and teams with varied ages, geography, gender have the distinct thinking capability to bring a fresh perspective to the table.
Building D&I teams benefit employees’ mental health and impact business positively yielding higher revenues.
Expanding the recruitment searches to diversified candidates widens the talent pool and improves the chances of finding the best candidates. Hiring individuals with divergent backgrounds is crucial to attracting more qualified applicants.

Wrapping up

In the upcoming blogs, I will discuss some of the challenges and unique incidents that I experienced on my way till now. I will be glad to share my ideas on how to adopt D&I smoothly in our work culture and will also bring some downsides and benefits to light.


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