Dynamics 365 Business Central is a popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution by Microsoft which helps connect all dots of your business for you. It is a cloud-based system and gives its users the flexibility of seamless connection between the office and other mobile devices round the clock. This SaaS solution is hosted by Microsoft Azure and this differentiates it from Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics NAV is an on-premises interface as known by all. MSD 365 Business Central is a business management tool that covers all aspects of your business, be it accounting, planning, sales, marketing, inventory, etc.

1 Reap the benefits of an efficient ERP tool

There are some valuable benefits to implementing Business Central. If you are a small or mid-sized firm, using this ERP tool will be the best thing that can happen for you. Business Central’s built-in features allow the monitoring of projects and activities of the employees. It provides important information so you can make effective financial decisions, budgeting, and informed strategic planning. You can also improve your local business SEO when you know how to manipulate the available information.

You will also see that all your data, be it for sales, inventory, accounting, purchasing, or customer interactions is all interconnected. This helps avoid false purchases and over expenditure. Business Central also helps keep a track of all your finances through a connected process. You can categorize your account payables and receivables by refining financial forecasts, reporting processes all while maintaining regulatory compliance.
When you can track customer interactions, your small business SEO services will be benefited by upselling, cross-sell, and renewal of available opportunities, which in return will maximize your revenues.

It helps prioritize sales leads by revenue potential and connects you better with customers as there is more client data accessibility. Manage customer service operations in a better way and anticipate demands to respond to customer inquiries faster.

When you have a holistic view of your inventory, your operations will be better-taken care of and you can use sales forecasts and stockouts to generate production plans. It helps in calculating manufacturing capacity and improve production schedule. Delegate workload, allocate machinery and plan production processes for order fulfillment.

2 Key features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Financial Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has all the standard accounting modules. Be it company ledgers or customer and vendor maintenance forms it has it all. It lets you manage fixed assets and financial statements with ease which helps you to make data analysis and reports.

When you use Business Central and compare it with any other tool, you realize that it has so many more capabilities like advanced business analysis, entry allocation, bank account management, check writing, account scheduling, XBRL, cash flow predictions, transaction tracking, insurance management, data consolidation, cost accounting, electronic payments, responsibility center assignments, asset allocation, inter-company postings, multi-currency reporting, and so much more!

Supply Chain Tools

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers functions to filter vendors, handle payment requests, create invoices for finished orders, and track inventory, like stock, movement, etc. it also has a warehouse app, which enables you to forward requests and purchases to workers from any device.

3 Why does your business need Business Central?

This ERP tool is not only easy to configure but can be initiated and can be initiated straight out of the box. It has minimum hardware and operating system requirements. As it uses Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Word, and Excel its learning curve is also reasonable.

4 Full process Integration

Integrate finance, logistics, and sales without switching apps and databases. This cloud-hosted business solution integrates easily with all sorts of businesses and is a favorite ERP solution for SMEs. Scale up or down according to your business requirements with this unique solution.

5 Highlighted features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Some of the latest and highlighted features in Business central include:

  • You can resize columns with fewer clicks. Dynamics 365 Business Central web client has now draggable column widths for a better view of the data.
  • There are Filter Tokens available which are special words that allow users to type customized terms into filters and reveal information in a specific way.
  • Data entry is speedier with more agility now where you can avoid repetitions.
  • There is an 'Edit in Excel' functionality that gets well-utilized. They give the ability to push data back from Excel to the system.
  • It allows you to add links to your navigation menu.
  • The bookmarking feature helps users save the most used pages through the bookmark symbol. Pages can be bookmarked from the 'Search' or 'Tell Me' function.
  • You can add notes and links to your data.
  • The new notes and links features help keep all data on a customer together. FactBoxes have been broken down into 'Details' and 'Attachments' tabs.
  • There is full keyboard shortcut support available now as developers add keyboard shortcuts to actions in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Personalize actions and navigation on the Role Centre
  • Business Central allows saving and personalizing of list views and multitasking across multiple pages.

Upgrade or switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and watch your business taking a leap towards success and multifaceted revenue generation instantly. Receive uninterrupted support and training from the perfect vendor.


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