Data Analytics

With our Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence service, we enable businesses to deliver personalized customer service, accurate automation of internal processes, and never before insight into your data.

Our broad spectrum of services includes Machine learning, Data Analytics, Cognitive Services, and Business Intelligence.

Machine Learning

We build and deploy end-to-end machine learning solutions for your business targeted to one or more business areas. We offer a high-quality model customized for your business with our industry-standard 6 step CRISP-DM framework. 

As part of the machine learning service, we offer end-to-end solutions to handle a multitude of analytical challenges. 

We offer a comprehensive model building suitable for your business requirement using industry-leading libraries like SciKit learn, StatsModel, TensorFlow, Pytorch, and XGBoost.

Our Machine learning service offers

Model Building

Build a model based on your business requirement using your data, and use them for various business goals by formulating questions and gathering and visualizing data.

Predictive Analysis

Predict and plan about the outcome of a business event or process well in advance to achieve a positive outcome. Use high accuracy model combined with exploratory data analytics to identify business risks, high growth engines to ensure high ROI with optimal resource utilization.

Intelligence augmentation

Deploy machine learning solutions alongside your existing system to assist the decision-making process and make it faster and more accurately based on past and predicted scenarios.

Achieve enhanced product development through data analytics

Aids decision making

Data analytics gives you the ability to make faster and informed business decisions.

Risk awareness

Analytics increases risk awareness that enables you to implement preventative measures.

Understanding customer needs

It gives a deeper understanding of client requirements to build positive bonds.

Greater Flexibility

Gain better flexibility and ability to react and adapt to changes within the business.

Financial Insight

Data analytics gives better insight into the financial performance of your business.

Increase in Revenue

A better understanding of finance helps reduce costs and thereby increase revenue.

Optimize Customer Experience

Customers share data with businesses as they expect companies to know them better and provide them with relevant interactions. They expect a seamless experience. Data analytics plays an important role for businesses by giving them an understanding of consumer needs and optimizing their experience and hence, developing long-term relationships. 

Put your data to work

Akkomplish offers a team of Data analytics experts who will guide you through the entire process of achieving target-centric results by churning your data and putting it to work in the right direction to enhance your business goals. We suggest related solutions for problems that help in increasing the core competency. 

Mitigation of Risk and Fraud

Security and fraud analytics protect against misuse of all physical, financial, and intellectual assets by internal and external factors. Proven data analytics methods deliver optimum levels of fraud prevention and data security. It allows companies to detect potentially fraudulent activity and track perpetrators. It uses statistical and big data methodologies to predict fraud.

Delivery of Relevant Products

Targeted data collation, combined with analytics, does wonders for companies to stay competitive. It helps keep track of demand change or new technology development. Assist in anticipation of demands and market preferences to arrange supply for the changing demand.

Get the edge

Data analytics will give your business a competitive advantage, and you can also achieve enhanced product development through these detailed research figures. Analyzing your data helps you put it in a structured configuration and convert it into noteworthy data. It will help in the process of personalization as well. 

Personalization of service

Volatility created by customers demands companies to act immediately. Reacting on time and making customers feel personally valued can be made possible through advanced analytics. Big data allows interaction based on the personality of the clients. It helps understand customer attitudes and consider a real-time location to help deliver a multi-channel service. 


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