Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an ERP solution for SMEs, is the primitive version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is an enterprise management solution for handling back-end operations and automates the daily processes effectively. These processes may include financial management, HR, warehouse, and service management, e-commerce, retail functions, manufacturing, et cetera.

NAV in India offers several functionalities to maximize profit and increase productivity in an organization. NAV Development Services assist SMEs with a unified platform and provide quality outsourced solutions to its partners. Our NAV Developers have a rich combined experience of over 25 years and follow all Microsoft guidelines to offer clients elite-quality projects. Our team has industry-specific expertise to deploy the latest technological innovations.

The difference between Microsoft NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central is that NAV is implemented locally on your server; MSD365 Business Central is a SaaS solution and cloud-based. With an extensive client base in the computer software industry, around 9,875 companies use Microsoft Dynamics NAV worldwide.

Explore endless possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ERP solution for SMEs

Easy Dynamics NAV installation on current systems and networks

Detailed Analyses

MS Dynamics Nav provides tools to generate various reports to monitor company KPIs.

Automation of Business Processes

Standardize and optimize sales, marketing, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Faster communication

Integrate EPR to facilitate communication among departments, customers, and partners.

Simplifies Intuitive Interface

Let users operate individually developed predefined homepages based on routines.

Standardize all processes

Let businesses synchronize and integrate all their processes without complexities.

NAV to Business Central Migration

If you are already using MS Dynamics NAV, now is the time to migrate to Business Central. Integrating MS Dynamics 365 Business Central with other software offers a simplistic and cost-effective option to manage various business operations with ease. 

Akkomplish offers extensive integration of Business Central with other applications. We make synchronization of standard data trouble-free. If you are an SME in the expanding stage of your business capability, you can witness multiple business benefits through Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration with us.

Let Dynamics NAV Meet your Most Specific Needs

Microsoft NAVs rich functionality provides endless possibilities for enhancement of performance. Be it performance analysis or project analysis, Microsoft NAV solves all your project-specific problems in the blink of an eye. MS Dynamics NAV makes daily routine work seamless and easily navigable without the rush of manual submission of work and ease in meeting deadlines.

Remove Redundancies

Data from CRM solutions are included in enterprise ERP systems; instead of entering information twice, integration between CRM and ERP solutions will help datasets update simultaneously, eliminating redundant data-entry tasks. Manually re-entering the same data increases the possibility of errors. Integration of systems ensures NAV and CRM users get accurate data.

Improve Enterprise Visibility

Integration of Microsoft NAV and CRM ensures timely tasks performance by all employees without contradiction with the actions of workers in other departments. As production line employees, sales agents, warehouse workers have access to information it keeps the focus on primary tasks. Create dashboards to keep abreast of all orders and projects.

Speed up Processes

It gives access to improved context-based help that ultimately gives descriptions and explanations in a clear format. Other benefits include personalized user experience, via menus and shortcuts, access to common tasks more directly and efficiently. Get up to speed right from the start with an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Reduce Implementation and Adoption Costs

Automated setup guides in NAV enable to simplify the process of setting up MS Dynamics NAV. It makes it easier for businesses to seamlessly integrate with Dynamics NAV for sales. The new user tasks function gets added periodically into the NAV software, which improves the user-productivity by manifolds.

Manufacturing/Supply Chain management

MS Dynamics NAV allows better management of manufacturing processes by ensuring stock availability when required through demand forecasting, supply planning, and more. Improve your order planning and deliveries, stay agile, and be ready to respond to customer demands. Set custom approvals, improve response time, and collaborate more efficiently with partners at ease.

Some Of The Criteria That Can Lure You To Business Central Migration

Enhanced Financial Visibility


Dynamics 365 Business Central has built-in Power BI dashboards that allow you to analyze financial performance live charts to identify patterns that help gain new insights while making important decisions. MSD365BC delivers data across business functions to increase transparency across business enterprises. It offers accurate accounts to accelerate financial reporting and maintain efficient compliance.

Streamlines your Supply Chain


Incorporating Business Central as your ERP means accurate predictions to replenish stocks with built-in intelligence options. Make sales forecasts and anticipate stock outages. Set storage unit dimensions to get a 360-degree view of inventory. Improve production schedules and maintain the correct amount of inventory via automatic calculation of lead times, stock levels, and reorder schedules.

Timely Project Delivery


Migrating from NAV to BC changes many dimensions. Business Central helps with advanced job costing capabilities. Your project profitability is guaranteed through vigorous modifying, developing, and controlling budgets. Track invoicing and make insightful decisions for resource usage. Henceforward, projects are delivered under budget and on time.


Switch to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for smoothing out all such issues.
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Integrate with Dynamics NAV

HR Management

Manage employee records such as salaries, incentives, appraisals, leaves, benefits, and so, to prepare reports on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Easy calculations done in minutes!

Sales and Marketing

Manage customers and sales data, create and tackle marketing campaigns, deliver exceptional services, manage contracts and agreements.

Project Management

Prepare budgets with ease, plan resources, automate invoicing of all orders, track inventory utilization and cost of resources. Handle project management activities effortlessly.

Services Management

Manage client calls and inquiries, provide accurate quotes, track support orders, allocate resources effectively, create flawless reports and manage customer service like never before.

Other Benefits of Migrating Business Central

Adheres to all your unique business requirements

Modernized ERP with more capabilities 

Greater scalability options

Removal of manual data entry

Minimized errors

Reduction in deployment time using turnkey

Rapid Data exchange

Location freedom to run the business 

Removed silos for information sharing

Multi-platform trading partner support

Cloud-based applications to manage the data

Automated data integration among BC


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