Understanding Azure and Office 365

Azure is an extension of Office 365 and a cloud platform by Microsoft. It allows the hybrid active directory infrastructure and extends it, and provides single sign-on to third-party applications. Since Office 365 is a SaaS application, Azure perfectly integrates the Office 365 infrastructure, which helps build a reliable system and is cost-effective.

Microsoft Azure is a web-scale cloud service that helps deploy and manage applications through Microsoft's network of knowledge centers globally. Azure’s versatile platform is often used to run applications on the cloud or improve existing applications with cloud capabilities.

Azure and Office 365 give you the freedom from managing your servers, as these are managed by Microsoft, and you can be more focused on revenue building.

Experience Exponential Growth Potential and Full Data Privacy

Grow as a Partner and Reseller

Azure's flexible platform helps offer training and migration services to customers.

Azure for Everyone

Implement Azure to quickly build, and deploy applications across a global network.

Unlimited user access

Office 365 works equally for enterprises with less than 10 or a thousand plus users.

Azure over an on-premise solution

Get rid of hassles like servers, networks, office space, and other administrative costs.

Availability and Scalability

Azure scales to meet your business's volatile needs just with a simple mouse click.


Own and control the use, collection, and distribution of customer data with Microsoft.

Running Azure with MS Office 365

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform and extension of Office 365, so it allows customized business applications from a virtual machine standpoint to run and develop web applications that are easily integrated with SharePoint online. When running an Active Directory, you can take the hybrid active directory infrastructure and extend it.

Agile Infrastructure

Install Azure and pay a monthly fee and get all business aspects managed for you. You can get your VM set up very quickly in a cost-beneficial method. Component failures are also handled automatically by Microsoft, making your infrastructure more agile and letting you focus on productivity alone.

Azure Over an On-premise Solution

From a business perspective, using Azure gives you instant access to continuous upgrades and innovation, whereas, with an on-premise system, you generally have annual contracts. It does not allow your enterprise infrastructure to be dynamic or elastic for growth rapidly. Azure enables you to build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network.

Complete Data Privacy

Be aware of how your data is managed, where it is geographically located, and who has access to it, and on what terms. Microsoft never discloses customer data hosted on Azure law enforcement or governments except directed or required by law. Enjoy full data security.

Exponential Growth prospects

Office 365 is not size specific as Microsoft uses it for thousands of field workers globally. The feature set of Office 365 is the real benefit. It allows you to be agile and invest the money saved in other aspects of the business, where it is needed for expansion.

Prompt Updates

As Office 365 is backed by Microsoft, its roadmap is clear and backed by a dedicated site that regularly shows what updates are coming. You benefit by getting immediate access to all these new features as soon as they are available. It keeps you up and ahead in technology.


Get in touch with us and let technology improve your operations.

Bring Your Business Closer To Your Customer

Ease of Scalability

Office 365 interface allows you to add users as and when you need them, without limiting you, with the number of members that can be added. It is advantageous during the growth period.

Increase Your Revenue

More employees are working remotely and sharing documents on mobile devices. Azure brings unique features of data security and compliance to secure all this client data and gain reputation.

Holistic IoT Solutions

As Azure comes with cloud storage, ML, and IoT-based services, it gives an all in all solution for all your business requirements. It allows having a gateway through your own data center.

Create Virtual Machines

Create Microsoft or Linux VMs from a wide range of marketplace templates or your custom images. These Virtual Machines host your apps as if they resided in your data center.


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